The Staffing Crisis

Where are all the good people?

The restaurant and hospitality industry faces a constant struggle with staffing, but that’s the same old news to the owners, operators, and managers. Unique to the industry is the high number of open positions – from new restaurants opening on every corner to well established ones losing employees.

U.S. Unemployment is at a low right now - leaving some jobs harder to fill than others, specifically the hospitality industry. Stories are shared all the time in this biz about poor employee performance – no shows, no motivation or not sober. The industry is rife with workers who job jump – 8 hours in and they made up their mind they will not be back. Usually the only person who knows that the position will be empty again is the person leaving.  Surprise! Owners and managers are back to the drawing board, or rather the job board. 

The business still needs to keep running. Think of it like the entertainment business - the show must go on. The audience doesn’t know or really care what it may take to put on the performance, they are there to be dazzled, delighted, and amazed.  The diners just want a friendly welcome, good food, on clean plates, and delivered by polite people. They don’t give a lot of thought as to how those things come together – or why there is always a HELP WANTED sign in the window. 

Fickle diners and fluctuating food trends already keep the business on its toes. When there is a gap in staff this doesn’t help, it hurts - it hurts a f*cking lot. Blood, sweat and tears that went into the plan for the business (no those aren’t ingredients that are used) but the owner(s) put a lot of effort into getting it off the ground and operational. What’s even more crazy is that all it takes is one bad apple to make it all go to shit. Owners, managers, staff are back to working 80+ hour weeks just to keep the doors open. This is why finding and filling any open position with qualified people (and quickly) is key. BUT, if you’re lucky to get people applying, how many of those interviewees actually turn up? Hell, I know restaurant owners that will hire someone who turns up awake and sober it’s that bad.

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The show must go on, and it isn’t a solo act but rather a full cast is needed. 

Let the hiring begin!