Posting Jobs in the Food/Bev Biz

Ever heard the term; “See a need, fill a need”?

Back when we launched Maine Cater, the industry was (and still is) a wreak when it comes to finding quality staff and it seemed like the only place to post your job was via Craigslist or Indeed. But hell, $25 - $45 a pop to list your job? It gets expensive if you have multiple positions to hire for and your job gets buried by other positing’s within a day or two (I’m not going to get started on the insane Indeed or Zip Recruiter costs). I remember the days when a restaurant could post to Craigslist for free, but then within 5 minutes, the trolls would surface and massacre businesses left, right, and center if the job wasn’t to their liking. That’s if, your job wasn’t buried within seconds.

It’s no secret that there is a staffing crisis in the hospitality industry; quality employees are hard to find, turnover is high, and the cost to constantly recruit, hire and train effects the bottom line.  The amount of dollars and human time is costly when looking to fill spots in a restaurant, now take that dollar amount and multiply it by 2 or 10, depending how often you are doing it – That’s a lot of money going out the door with little to no return on your investment.

So, is there a solution?

Yes. Enter our job board. We might not have the crazy traffic like the bigger players, but our job board is industry specific, which means the likelihood of you receiving an application from someone with no experience whatsoever is slim. Job seekers who visit our website are looking for jobs within the F&B biz.

Did I mention it’s also free? We do offer a couple of paid options that help keep you at the top or even boost and promote your post, but if your budget is tight, we totally understand, and accommodate that.

Recruitment methods are changing in this digital age and some of the old-school restaurateurs are struggling to keep up with technology. Digital and social recruitment have been growing year over year, making it easier for people to look for a job, but harder for employers for find a place to look for qualified candidates.

When we launched our job board, we kept the industry in mind and tried to keep it as simple as possible to list a position. A couple of things to keep in mind when listing with us;

+ You are reaching the right audience for possible candidates, those who want to live and work the #restaurantlife.  Who wouldn’t want 5 strong applicants with industry experience as opposed to 25 applicants with none?

+ The basic job post on the board is free, which is awesome because who wants to pay every time, they are looking for fill a role? Money stays in your pocket.

Whether it be Front or Back of House, we are sure to help with all staffing needs for your hospitality business.   

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