New England - We Are Coming For You!

Serving the Service Industry

What does New England Have In Common?

Lobster, maple syrup, chowder, grinders, and Maine Cater. Yup, we’re expanding beyond Maine to the rest of New England. As a leader in F&B staffing solutions for hospitality businesses in Maine & New Hampshire, we are coming to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Foodies are flocking to the northeast to eat and drink their way through the mountains and coast.  Competition is fierce and reviews are key – don’t let a staffing problem hurt your 5-star rating. 

You may wonder why our name is “Maine” Cater – it’s because we started our company for the Maine F&B biz, but as our neighbors to the south started asking for help, it was only fitting to expand into the whole of New England. The good news is we have a solution – check out our website. You will find most of the information there -

Think of us as your BFF

We only want the best for you (you can swipe right with us). We’ve crossed the 1,000-establishment mark for F&B biz owners who use our service and that number continues to grow.  Every position in a restaurant is important to its success; Chefs, FOH, BOH, Server, Bartender and Dishwasher.  We want to make sure your business continues to grow and get glowing reviews. 

For folks looking for a gig in the industry, we have nothing but love for you.  Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for – you love what you do but you want to try something new? We get it and we got you too. 

Recruiting, like matchmaking, means listening to what people are looking for and introducing them to each other.  Some want a lifetime partner and others are looking for a causal relationship – but they don’t want to go on blind dates.  We are really good listeners, talk to us and give us your wishlist of who/what you are looking for; we will find you a find and make you a match. 

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont we are coming to help you serve your customers.  It’s what we do.