We’re the first recruitment company dedicated to New England + Florida’s hospitality industry. From matching dream candidates to dream jobs, to staffing kitchens in a pinch for chefs, we’re passionate about keeping the kitchen rockin’.


Created for you, by industry pros.

Maine Cater was founded in 2017 by chef Daryle Degen after noticing both an increase in demand from restaurants to find quality staff and the struggles candidates faced when navigating their way to the perfect job. MC isn’t your typical recruitment co. We know the inner workings of the hospitality industry and what it’s like to work those 80+ hour weeks. What separates us from the competition is that we’re ready to jump in anytime, anywhere - and we mean this quite literally. MC already operates in Maine & New Hampshire but in October 2019, MC will launch into Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Florida.


Full time chefs on staff (and counting)

And they are ready to help you out when you’re short staffed. Our team of chefs all have years of experience and are ready to rock the line at a moment’s notice.


restaurants hired for

With connections all across New England, we have friends in high places. We have helped staff all positions in restaurants across multiple states.


completed assignments

We live, eat, and breathe the heat of the kitchen and know exactly what your kitchen (or you) needs. Give us the green light and our chefs will tie an apron on, sharpen their knives and get to work.


Employers + Our Services

CAndidate sourcing & hiring

Leave the hiring to us. Just let us know the position you’re hiring for, provide some basic job details, and your requirements of your dream candidate. We’ll fish from our dream candidate pool to see if we have the catch you’re looking for. We screen and interview all candidates before sending them to you for review and (hopefully) the greenlight. More on hiring

86’Relief team

Fresh out of chefs? We have you covered. When your team needs a people-boost, we can find you the temporary, seasonal or short-term help you need. We have 60+ chefs that work on staff with us that are available at a moment’s notice for any duration, long or short - with no fixed contracts. More details here


job board

One job, two jobs, three jobs, four. It gets a little pricey after a while, huh? We feel your pain, so we decided to offer a job board so you can post to your hearts content - for free, woo-hoo! Find out more

WE love paperwork

For all candidates hired through Maine Cater, we handle everything you don’t have time for; from candidate screening, interviewing, and background / reference checks before they are hired, to scheduling the interviews, stages, and on-boarding docs with you. Find out more


The good word

I've been in the industry for over 20 years and it's unbelievably refreshing to find a company that cares about finding the perfect fit for me that matches my experience. I highly recommend Maine Cater to every chef I know.

Ben Stevenson / Executive Chef Candidate