Recruiters are pencil pushers, we’re not. We’re veterans of the industry and we know what you’re looking for in a dream job. We work with some of the best employers in New England + Florida, so lets work together, #BFF.


86’Team Perks

get paid for the hours you work

Novel idea, right? While lots of industry jobs are salaried gigs, with Maine Cater, you’re paid hourly for each hour you are on the job. We happily compensate for overtime and holiday hours.

guaranteed hours

Whenever you're working a full-time assignment, you will be guaranteed and paid for at least 40-hours every week.

flexible work sched

We offer full time, part time, and per diem work. You can choose to take a vacation or time off whenever you need to. So that margarita in Mexico is now looking mighty fine.

the world (well, new england + florida) is your oyster

Nautical pun, sorry. We have gigs in Maine & New Hampshire, but starting October 2019, we’re networking with employers all across New England + Florida, so if you have your sights set on a working vacation, we’re your team.


Ready to commit? If you find true love at one of your gigs, we can help negotiate a sweet full-time offer for you. Talk about swiping right.

choose your gig

We will send you a list of all open assignments for you to choose from. You get to decide where you want to work. From restaurants and hotels to bakeries and catering events, join the team that suits you best.

work with your bff’s

If you bring a new chef to our team or refer candidates to us for our direct-hire positions, you get a cash bonus, yeaaaah buddy.


Because most of our gigs usually last 2-6 weeks, you’ll get to work in a bunch of different kitchens and pick up new tricks along the way, not to mention making a ton of new BFF’s.

More questions? Head over to our frequently asked questions to find out more.


The good word

Maine Cater listens, advises, and sets you up for success right from the get go. They support their chefs and know the industry inside and out. The best part about being on the 86'Team is you get to decide your schedule, gigs, and where you want to work.

Rachel LeGloahec / 86’Chef & Chopped Champion