Whether you are looking for full-time staff or just need to borrow our chefs when you’re in a pinch, we have you covered. We’ll hire your dream team so you can focus on what you do best: running the show.


f&b recruiting is what we’re good at


Have a specific requirements for your executive chef? Need the best General Manager around? We head hunt and recruit the best in the biz for Front of House and Back of House positions, alike. Tell us what position you’re hiring for and we pinky-promise to find the perfect fit. We don’t charge a single penny unless you hire the candidate we refer. Because there’s no prize for first-impressions, we also offer an employment guarantee on all of our candidates. Consider it risk-free recruiting at it’s finest.

86’Relief Team

Fresh out of kitchen staff? Need a chef or even a team of chefs for the busy season? Have to staff an important event? We have 60+ chefs on staff with us who are ready to join your kitchen crew at a moments notice. All of our team work with us full-time, are ServSafe certified with 6+ years of experience, criminal background and reference checked for your peace of mind. You can book the team for as long or as short as you need, with no fixed contracts or timelines. Say goodbye to ever being in the weeds again.


86’Relief Team - Catering

It’s our 86’Relief Team, but for catering events. If you need a people boost, our team can step in and cover any cooking and clean up you need. We still handle all of that annoying paperwork you don’t have time for - it really is as simple as our chefs working and we bill you for their time. It doesn’t matter what type of event you need help with, we do it all; weddings, private dinners, corporate retreats, open-fire cooking, etc. Although we said “no annoying paperwork” we just need one itty-bitty form to be filled out;

Job Posting

Lets get real for a minute… Paying to post your jobs suck, especially when you get zero applications or unqualified candidates. With us, we offer free job listings, but also a paid option if you would like a little boost in your ad. We provide a dashboard with job listing analytics so you can see how many people viewed, clicked, and applied to all of your jobs. We even have a hiring pipeline so you can move candidates between stages during your hiring process to keep everything organized. All for free, because we ❤ you.

More questions? Head over to our frequently asked questions to find out more.


The 86'Goods


All 86'Relief Chefs must have a minimum of 6+ years of experience under their belt before joining. All of our chefs continuously work with us, so rest assured that we only send the best.


We take care of all payroll, taxes, workers comp, and insurances so you don't need to. We do reference and background checks to make sure we only work with the very best.

no strings attached

It doesn't matter if you need help for a one day, three weeks or for a whole season, you get to set the dates. You can cancel your contract at anytime, for any reason.

we can be matchmakers

If you like the chef(s) we send, you’re free to offer them a gig with you to become a full-time member of your team.

More questions? Head over to our frequently asked questions to find out more.


The good word

Maine Cater took the time to get to know our operation and found us the perfect chef, we couldn’t be more pleased. A job well done to the whole team!

Matt Ginn / Executive Chef, Evo Kitchen + Bar